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Computer production of the space-group tables
Konstantinov, P. and Momma, K.  International Tables for Crystallography (2016). Vol. A, Section 2.1.4, pp. 172-173 [ doi:10.1107/97809553602060000926 ]
... special-position coordinates and the corresponding reflection conditions with h, k, l ranging from -20 to 20 was developed. Symmetry of ... dimensional representation in print. The new diagrams were created by K. Momma using the computer program VESTA (Momma & Izumi, 2011 ), which ...

Guide to the use of the space-group tables
Hahn, Th., Looijenga-Vos, A., Aroyo, M. I., Flack, H. D., Momma, K. and Konstantinov, P.  International Tables for Crystallography (2016). Vol. A, ch. 2.1, pp. 142-174 [ doi:10.1107/97809553602060000926 ]
... IT (1952) . Diagrams of the general position (by K. Momma and M. I. Aroyo) | | Non-cubic space groups. In these ... orthogonal and tilted projections were generated using the program VESTA (Momma & Izumi, 2011 ). Readers who wish to compare other ...

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