International Tables for Crystallography

Resources for authors who have been invited to contribute to one of the volumes in the series are available below.


Word styles and template

Authors who use Microsoft Word may prepare their chapter for submission with the IUCr's Microsoft Word template, which enables authors to structure a manuscript for submission and publication. This template is packaged with a number of tools, including tools that allow tables of experimental data to be prepared easily.

If you do not have a compatible version of Word, a basic styles-based template can be downloaded here.

LaTeX style files and template

Authors familiar with the LaTeX typesetting software are invited to use a set of customised macros in the preparation of their chapter for submission to International Tables. The macros are available by anonymous ftp from the server, in the templates/it directory.

The documentation is available in PDF format online.

Additional information

The templates are undergoing development, so if you have any comments please send them to the IUCr (